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  ANC-1008 - PC Discrete Relay Card

ANC-1008 PC relay card


Power Control for the PC

    Providing 8 "C" type discrete relay contacts for general purpose application, the ANC-1008 occupies a short card slot in the IBM PC computer. Each relay provides a normally open and normally closed output ["C" type configuration]. Signal output is obtained by way of a DB-25 "D" shell type connector. Upon system power-up or system reset, all of the relays are initialized in an "off" condition. The user may then set the desired relay configuration and enable the relay drivers. A 9-LED display array, viewable under the rear mounted DB-25 connector, shows card reset and relay status. The ANC-1008 uses a single selectable I/O address for its operation and the output relay configuration may be read back into the PC. The user may add capacitors across each of the normally open and normally closed contacts to attenuate noise when switching DC voltages. Programming can be performed directly in BASIC. The User's manual provides sample driver software which the designer may use as a basis for developing software.


Connectors: The relay contacts are accessed through a DB-25 socket. The circuit board occupies a short 8-bit card slot.


Power requirements = +5 volts at 300 mA and +12 volts at 320 mA

Relay output = individual relay contacts are rated at 1 Ampere at 115 VAC. The DPDT relay contacts are connected in parallel for increased reliability.

Price and Delivery

Delivered from stock, and priced at $149.00 (USD)

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