8052 STD BUS Single Board Computer

with BASIC


8032 STD Bus Single Board Computer

The ANC-7852B combines the best features of an SBC (single board computer) with the circuitry to support the Intel 8032 microcontroller. This approach provides the circuit designer with a low cost time saving method to develop prodts and stand alone systems. Hardware on-board includes an RS232C level port with 2 user programmable I/O control lines, 2 8-bit ports of bi-directional digital I/0, 3 28-pin DIP sockets to accommodate industry standard byte wide ROM/RAM chips, 8K of included RAM, 11 interrupts with 2 available externally and 2 16-bit counter/timers for real time interrupts or counting external events. Although the ANC-7852B was designed to use with Intel's 8052AH-BASIC chip, any 8031,8032,8051,8052,8752 chip will operate with the card.

With the ANC-7852B, BASIC version, the user directly enters the application program, edits, debugs and, after programming with on board supplied PROM programmer (user supplies an external +21v for programming), permanently stores to the on-board PROM in English-like BASIC statements. Upon subsequent system power-up, the ANC 7852B will perform the previously stored application program. The SBC can also act as a slave processor solving complex arithmetic problems using its FLOATING POINT math, LOG and TRIG functions by letting the user transfer data to the ANC-7852B and then having the card solve differential equations, data reduction analysis, statistics, etc. The 8K BASIC interpreter, based on Intel's 8052 Microcontroller, also features Boolean and string handling functions as well as a real-time clock and interrupt capability. Hardware on-board includes an RS232C level port to connect to a terminal device for program development or application use and a 2nd RS232C port is directed under BASIC control.

Mechanical Specifications

Check out our 8052 Embedded Adapter™ ANC-3052, 8052 Single Board Computer.

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