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Snader and Associates

  Sales and systems integrator serving broadcast/film, production/post-production, audio-visual presentation, 3D animation, games/interactive and federal government markets for over 30 years.

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The Mate Company - Cables/Adapters

  TMC manufactures and distributes a wide range of cables, terminators and adapters for SCSI, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA, and Serial Attached SCSI applications.  They are also tooled to manufacture a wide variety of custom wire harnesses and cables.

OpAmp Labs
OpAmp Labs

  Low cost audio and video distribution products.   Their catalog has lots of building block linear products for doing prototyping or one-of-a-kind manufacturing. It includes lots of diagrams, and technical data.

RS422 OCX Component Software

 This is a 9 pin RS422 VCR controller OCX component which allows you to control a VCR or DDR with RS422 SMPTE Sony protocol.   Any 9 pin SMPTE video device can be controlled by this interface from Visual Basic, Visual C, HTML or any other compiler accepting an OCX interface.  RS422 OCX can also read timecode in LTC TIME, VITC TIME, TIMER-1, TIMER-2, LTC UB, VITC UB.

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