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Antona Corporation Privacy Policy

Antona respects your privacy.  When you visit the Antona web site, you do so without identifying yourself or disclosing personal information - except in sending email to us.  We provide this privacy statement to inform you of our privacy practices and of situations where information is collected.

Information collected

There are two types of information that we collect: basic usage information and personally identifiable information.  Basic usage information includes such data as web pages visited, browser type, etc.
Personally identifiable information includes your name, address and email address when you email Antona.

Collecting Information

Basic usage information is collected whenever you visit the web site.  Personally identifiable information is only collected through a submission process that you initiate.  For example, personally identifiable information may be collected request a product quotation or send an email to us.  Personally identifiable information is not linked to basic usage information.

Information Use

Basic usage information is examined to improve the design and performance of our web site. Personally identifiable information is used solely to deliver a requested service or product to you, and is then deleted.

Sharing of Information

Antona does not share any of your personally identifiable information with any third party except: when appropriate in forwarding email to vendors of products we subcontract to reguarding a purchase or question and we report SPAM email to the source hosting company in the email header.

Modifying and deleting the information

You may request that your information be modified or deleted. Antona will make every effort to honor such a request. Such requests can be sent to the current enabled email address on our Contact page. 

Credit Card Information

Antona does not maintain customer provided credit card information in any electronic form.   Once a credit card sale has been completed, we keep a printed copy of the transaction and mail the original to the customer stapled to the invoice.

Use of Cookies

Antona does not use cookies.

Links to third-party web sites

Antona may provide links to third-party web sites. Since these web sites are not controlled by Antona or this Privacy Policy, Antona does not endorse or make any representations about such web sites. 

Legal Information

Antona products are not suitable for any critical or life support functions.
Customers may use Antona's products in office or commerical applications where a failure of the Antona product does not precipitate other damages.  Antona is solely responsible to replace or repair, as appropriate, any Antona equipment failing during the warrenty period of 1 year from purchase. Complete terms of sale and legal information is available in PDF format.

Right to Revise Policy

Antona reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time.

Updated Feb. 21, 2009
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