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   24-Bit Digial I/O Card

ANC-1055 Circuit Board


Versatile Digital I/O

Providing 3-8 bit buffered TTL I/O channels, the ANC-1055 occupies a short card slot in the IBM Pc, computer. Programmable interrupt circuitry is provided to monitor 4 of the 24 channels to generate a user selectable software enabled interrupt to the IBM PC. There are 3 separate modes of operation, all under software control, allowing bidirectional, dedicated or strobed Input/Output operation. Additionally the ANC-1055 card is directly pin connection compatible with the Opto 22, Crydom and Gordos lines of modular relay boards to provide an industrial quality interface for control and monitoring applications. Specifically, the ANC-1055 card is directly compatible with the PB16 and PB24 series units with the appropriate interface cable (available from Antona). Programming can be performed in ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE or by using English-like INP/OUT commands in BASIC. The User's Manual (available online in Adobe PDF format) is included with the card to provide both BASIC and ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE source code for the designer to use as a basis for developing application specific device drivers.

Price and Delivery

Delivered from stock, and priced at $119.00 (USD)

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