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  All ANTONA manufactured products are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of delivery.  See the Return Policy below for instructions on returning a product to us for warranty consideration.  Be sure to have your original invoice, or the invoice number to reference your purchase.

Return Policy
  You may return a product within 10 days after the date of delivery provided it is in condition to re-sell.  Call Antona Corporation at the number above to obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number before shipping any product back to us.  Shipping cost to return a product, and the original ship-to charge will be at customer expense unless the item is in warranty and is not functioning properly.
  Sales tax will be added to orders within California - or include your California resale certificate with order.
  Shipping on orders of $49.00, or more is FREE via USPS 2DAY or UPS GROUND for orders within the USA.   If you require the use of a specific carrier, a faster delivery time or a destination outside the continential USA, than additional shipping charges would be applied to the order.   Customer may specify shipping method but we can not bill to a customer account or any 3rd party.   For international orders, be aware that shipping varies from $32.00US to over $100.00US depending upon order size and destination address.  FAX or email your requirements to Antona for a quote on shipping charge options.

Terms and Conditions
  First orders are normally shipped on a credit card from MasterCard/VISA/American Express/Discover.   Optionally we can process a check for prepayment or, at Antona's option and approved credit, net fifteen (15) days from date of delivery.  Open account orders to non rated companies are limited to a dollar amount of 2 times the previous purchase.  For consideration of approved credit, please FAX or email your commercial credit information to us with your order.
  Failure to pay within the time specified shall result in the forfeiture of any discounts provided to purchaser, and interest charge shall be added to the unpaid amount due.
  There is no minimun order on products we manufacture.  A $49.00US minimum order applies when accessory items (cables, power supplies, etc.) or value-added products are solely ordered. In that case, a $5.00US handling fee applies.

  Foreign orders require prepayment by credit card.  All prices are listed in US dollars (US$).

Serial RS232-RS485/422 Adapters

Part # Description Price each
ANC-6022 RS232/RS422/Video Sync Intr (see ANC6023) no stock
ANC-6023 RS232/RS422/Video Sync Intr $ 86.00
ANC-6085 RS232/RS485/RS422 DB9 Adapter $ 49.00
ANC-6085X RS232/RS485/RS422 DB9 Extn. Powered $ 59.00
ANC-6185R RS232/RS485/RS422 RJ-45  $ 49.00
ANC-6185RL RS232/RS485/RS422 RJ-45/LED Status $ 49.00
ANC-6185T RS232/RS485/RS422 Terminal Block $ 49.00
ANC-6185TL RS232/RS485/RS422 Term Blk/LED Status $ 49.00
ANC-6090 RS232/RS422 Adapter $ 49.00
ANC-6090M RS232/RS422 Adapter-Metalized Case $ 52.00
ANC-6090MX RS232/RS422 Powered Adapter-Metalized Case $ 62.00
ANC-6090C RS232/CMOS-TTL Adapter $ 49.00
ANC-6090D Dual RS232/RS422 Internal Adapter $ 98.00
ANC-6090S RS232/RS422 Internal Adapter $ 52.00
ANC-6090X RS232/RS422 External Powered $ 59.00
ANC-6204 USB to RS232/422/485/TTL Adapter $ 59.00
ANC-6204S USB to RS232/422/485/TTL Internal Adapter $ 62.00
ANC-CBL6 6' cable M-M DB9 $ 7.00
ANC-CB6MF 6' cable M-F DB9 $ 7.00
ANC-CB10 10' cable M-M DB9 $ 9.00
ANC-XPWR Power Supply for ANC-6023/6185 $ 9.00

IBM PC Cards

Part # Description Price each
ANC-1008 8-Channel Discrete Relay Card $149.00
ANC-1055 24-Channel Digital I/O Card $119.00

Chip Test Adapters 

Part # Description Price each
ANC-4028x 28-pin PLCC/PGA to socketed PLCC with test points $117.00
ANC-4068x 68-pin PLCC/PGA/LCC to socketed PLCC with test points $154.00
ANC-4032P 132-pin PGA to socketed PGA with test points  $176.00

Leadless Chip Adapters 

W-W Pins Machine Pins Description Price each
ANC-8068x ANC-8568x 68-pin PLCC,LCC TEST Socket Adapter $135.00
ANC-8100Q ANC-8500Q 100-pin QFP 20X30 TEST Socket Adapter $145.00
ANC-8160 ANC-8660 160-pin QFP TEST Socket Adapter $175.00
ANC-9020J ANC-9520J 20-pin PLCC Adapter $ 18.00
ANC-9028x ANC-9528x 28-pin PLCC,LCC Adapter $ 24.00
ANC-9032J ANC-9532J 32-pin PLCC,LCC Adapter $ 26.00
ANC-9044x ANC-9544x 44-pin PLCC,LCC,PGA $ 36.00
ANC-9052x ANC-9552x 52-pin PLCC,LCC,PGA $ 41.00
ANC-9068x ANC-9568x 68-pin PLCC, LCC,PGA $ 49.00
ANC-9084x ANC-9584x 84-pin PLCC,LCC,PGA Adapter $ 58.00
ANC-9164N ANC-9664N 64-pin SHRINK DIP .75" width package Adapter $ 49.00
ANC-9164W ANC-9664W 64 -pin SHRINK DIP .90" width package Adapter $ 59.00
ANC-9284Q ANC-9784Q 84-pin PQFP plastic quad flat package Adapter $ 76.00
ANC-9200Q ANC-9700Q 100-pin PQFP plastic quad flat package Adapter $ 82.00
ANC-9232Q ANC-9732Q 132-pin PQFP plastic quad flat package Adapter $ 97.00
ANC-9232P ANC-9732P 132-pin PGA Adapter $115.00
ANC-9176F ANC-9676F 176-pin PGA Adapter for ACTEL A1280 $195.00

"x" specifies adapter socket type:

"J" = PLCC/PCC/J-LEADED with pin 1 on center side "S" = PLCC with pin 1 in upper corner "L" = LCC with pin 1 in upper corner "T" = LCC with pin 1 on center side "P" = PGA with pin 1 in upper corner "U" = PGA with pin 1 on center side   wire-wrap pins = 0.7"X.025" square tin plated machine pins = 0.150"X.018" round gold plated
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