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Video Sync Application
MIDI Interface Application
RS232/RS422 Troubleshooting

Used with this product
Extn. Power, ANC-XPWR(included)
6' DB-9 M-F cable, ANC-CB6MF(included)
6' DB-9 M-M cable, ANC-CBL6
10' DB-9 M-M cable, ANC-CB10
25' UTP CAT-5 kit, ANC-CKIT

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RS232/RS422 video interrupt ANC-6023
 RS-232/RS-422 Adapter with Video Sync Interrupt

 Providing the designer with a low cost solution to change RS-232C level transmit and receive signals into RS-422 differential level noise immune signals and a video sync interrupt for multimedia applications.

 This adapter replaces our ANC-6022.

  • RoHS Compliant - Lead Free parts and manufacturing
  • Transmit data at distances up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m)
  • Master/Slave Jumper selectable and Full Duplex operation
  • Pin compatible to DB-9 PC serial comport
  • RS485/422 side mate directly to many multimedia units (Sony, Panasonic, Grass Valley, etc.)
  • Baud rates to 1 MBaud
  • NTSC or PAL video input for interrupt generation on vertical sync
  • Frame accurate streaming video encoding (Windows Media Player)
  • Latest Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for low power and small size
  • 120 ohm terminating resistor jumper for input RS422
  • Power supply and 6' DB-9 MF cable included
Noise Immune Interface
 The adapter converts the RS-232C level signals transmit and receive on a PC into bipolar RS-422 type signals.  These converters find wide use in high-speed long distance serial communications, or to interface a PC with equipment that uses an RS-422 type input/output.  Extended cable runs, or terminated connections, require more current than the serial port power can provide so the RS-422 connector or on-board barrel connector can accept +4v to +12v DC at 100 milliamps to provide the added power to operate the adapter.

Interrupt for Vertical Video Sync
  Video multimedia applications sometimes require synchronizing the process with the vertical sync.   Like converting video to streaming video, and in MIDI applications for sound synchronization.   The ANC-6023 provides a BNC connector which allows the designer to input NTSC, or PAL, RS170 level composite or striped video.   The on-board sync separator produces an interrupt upon detection of a vertical sync pulse which is readable on the serial port's Data Carrier Detect (DCD, refered to as RLSD on some systems) or Ring Indicator (RI) line.   The designer can further input the serial port's status register to determine if the interrupt was generated by field 1 or field 2.   This feature is unique to the Antona ANC-6023 adapter.

Software Compatibility
 Because the adapter just converts RS-232C to and from RS-422 level signals, no specific software modifications are required to operate the converter with off-the-shelf applications that use the serial communications port.
  Windows Media Player - Check the latest version for support of the interrupt feature.
  See our ANC-6090 adapter for the same RS-232C to RS422 or RS-485 conversion without the video interrupt.

Easy to Use
 Shipped ready for installation. Jumpers are pre installed for the most commonly applied configuration and a comprehensive user's manual is included.

 Every Antona product is built and tested to meet high standards of quality and reliability.  Our products are covered with a one year warranty. 

Power Source
External 9v Power Supply
Interface Converts to/from RS-232 to/from RS-422
RS-422 Connector Female DB-9 SMPTE pinouts
Video Input BNC accepts NTSC/PAL RS-170 level composite or striped video
2.2" X 2.2"

Control Signals  RTS sets transmit/receive jumper
Baud Rate  to 1 Mbaud 
Powering 5v DC @11ma minimum 
External Power +5v to +12v DC to on-board barrel connector

Note: RTS connected to DCD, DTR connected to DSR
see ANC-6023 User's Manual for complete information

Updated Feb 18, 2009
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