RS232 to RS422/485 Adapter

ANC-6085 Pix

Low cost RS232 to RS422, RS485 or TTL serial converter

  Shipped to operate as an RS422 server without setting any jumpers.  The ANC-6085 has additional electronics and jumpers for use with RS-485 2-wire interfacing.  Ideal for connecting a variety of devices to a computer using a PC comport.  The user can set the adapter to interface to a RS422 4-wire interface, RS485 2-wire interface or TTL / CMOS low voltage interface.
The adapter plugs into a Pc comport, and appears like a serial interface to the user.  FREE Shipping is included.





Unique/Advanced Features

Unique to ANC-6085:

Advanced Features:

Hardware Specifications


Electrical Specifications


The converter operates without installing any additional drivers. The system software that runs the PC comport drives the ANC-6085 adapter. Because the adapter just converts RS-232C to and from RS-485/422 or TTL/CMOS level signals, no software modifications are required to operate the adapter with off-the-shelf applications that use the serial communications port.

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