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DVR Pan/Tilt/Zoom
RS232/RS422 Troubleshooting

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25' UTP CAT-5 kit, ANC-CKIT
Extn. Pwr Supply, ANC-XPWR

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ANC-6185 RS232-RS422/485 terminal block/RJ-45 with LED status
Low Cost RS422/485 Serial Adapters

Plugged into an RS232 port, our ANC-6185RL adapter is shown receiving blocks of RS422 data and transmitting an acknowledgement back to the sender by RS422.   The LEDs make it easy to interpret what is going on.

  • RoHS Compliant - Lead Free parts and manufacturing
  • Port powered for most applications
  • Transmit data at distances up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m)
  • Auto transmit (AutoXmit) enable is available at baud rates up to 64K baud
  • 4-wire full duplex or 2-wire half duplex operation
  • LEDs for transmit and receive status (non-LED version)
  • Baud rates to 1 MBaud
  • Choice of a Terminal Block (ANC-6185TL) or 8-pin RJ-45 Connector (ANC-6185RL)

Hardware Flexibility
RS-422/485 - signal levels meet or exceed the Recommended Standards.  The RS-232C side mates directly with a PC serial port.  This makes the adapters an ideal solution for connecting external RS-485/422 equipment up to your PC compatible computer.

Software Compatibility
Because the adapter just converts RS-232C to and from RS-485/422 level signals, no specific software modifications are required to operate with off-the-shelf applications that use the serial communications port.  The data direction can be changed on the adapter by using either the RTS line or the AutoXmit feature of the adapter.

LED Status Operation
A real handy feature for initial setup or for monitoring adapter operation permanently.  Used to check powering of adapter, send and receive data status.   Take a look at the Appendix in the User's Manual for more detail.

Easy to Use
Shipped ready for installation. Jumpers are pre installed for the most commonly applied configuration and a comprehensive user's manual is included.

Every Antona product is built and tested to meet high standards of quality and reliability.  Our products are covered with a one year warranty.

Product ANC-6185TL  ANC-6185RL (pictured)
RS485/422 Wiring Discrete wire CAT-5 Ethernet Cabling RJ-45 male
Interface Converts to/from RS-232 to 
RS-485 or 
RS-232 to 
RS-485 or 
RS-485/422 Connector 6-pin terminal block 8-pin RJ-45
Dimensions 2.9" x 1.3" 3.0" x 1.3"

Control Signals  RS232: RTS, DTR, TXD
Baud Rate  to 1M baud 
Impedance  120 ohms 
voltage 3V @7ma minimum 
External Power  +3v to +12v 

Note: RTS connected to DCD, DTR connected to DSR

Updated Feb 18, 2009
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