ANC-4068J PIX   ANC-4000 Series
  SMD Chip Test Adapters


Easy to Use

  The user need only remove the component from the target circuit board socket, plug the Antona chip test adapter into the component socket and then install the target component into the chip test adapter socket. Numbered gold-plated pins provided on the adapter allows test and monitoring probes to be attached to any or all of the component leads.   The 44, 52, 68 and 84 pin versions have beveled gold plated pins for ease of insertion into PLCC type sockets.


  Modular construction means the adapter layers may be easily replaced, or changed from one package type to another (i.e.: socket on target card is for PGA, but parts on hand are PLCC).

Low Cost

  Antona offers the lowest cost solution in chip test adapters. Compare our prices to all others. The user's manual includes a numbered pin designation sheet to use as a signal to pin reference to aid the debug and test process.


  The adapter test pins are spaced 0.1". Adapter versions are available to accept PLCC/PGA/LCC type components and plug into PLCC/PGA type sockets.   Each Antona chip adapter is 100% functional tested for short and open circuit connections.

Basing diagrams for PLCC/PGA type adapters for series 4000 test adapters
ANC-4000 User's Guide

Price and Delivery

  Priced from US$117.00 to US$176.00
  Delivered from stock: 28, 44, 68 pin PLCC/PGA versions / 132 pin PGA to PGA


  All of our chip test adapters start with "ANC-40" followed by the number of pins for the particular SMD device and then where the pin numbering starts for the component (pin 1 on center of chip side or corner of chip).


NN = last 2 digits of total socket pins
   V = pin numbering/socket type (J=pin 1 in center of socket, L=pin 1 at corner of socket)

Example: One of our most popular sellers, the ANC-4068J is a 68-pin PLCC, with pin #1 on center-side of chip

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