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USB to RS-422 ANC-6222 Terminal block connector
USB to RS422 Adapter

 The ANC-6222 adapter provides the designer with a low cost solution using a USB port to add an RS-422 differential noise immune interface to a PC.

  • USB Port powered - no external power supply needed
  • Transmit data at distances up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m)
  • 4-wire full duplex operation
  • Baud rates to 250,000 Bits/Sec
  • Status LEDs for ready, transmit and receive
  • Terminal Block for discrete CAT-5 wire use - 2 sets of terminals
  • Full USB 1.1 specification compliance

Hardware Flexibility
 RS-422 signal levels meet or exceed the Recommended Standards.  The input side mates directly with a PC USB port.  This makes the adapters an ideal solution for connecting external RS-422 equipment up to your desktop, portable or laptop PC. There are 2 sets of 2 terminals for use in attaching the RS422 type device to the adapter using discrete wire. The terminal pairs are for transmit (T+, T-) and receive (R+, R-) pairs.

Easy to Use
 Shipped ready for installation.  Adapter, CD and 2 foot USB cable included.  There are no jumpers to set for configuration and a step-by-step description of installation is included on the CD.

Related Converters
 For Ethernet to RS422 application, take a look at our ANC-6132. The adapter acts as a RS485/422 and RS232 port working very similiar to the USB to RS-422 adapter, but it can be remotely attached to your intranet (local ethernet).   If you need RS422 levels from a PC serial comport, our ANC-6185 provides a terminal block or RJ-45 connector for use with discrete CAT-5 wiring or RJ-45 connectors.  The ANC-6085 gives the user RS485/422 interfacing through a DB-9F (female 9-pin D-shell connector) with SMPTE pinouts matching those used by many manufactures of multimedia and industrial controllers.

 The adapter appears to the computer as an added serial port after the driver software is installed.  The user simply changes the serial port selection in their application software to direct serial output to the newly added 'COMport' that is the ANC-6222 adapter.

 A CD containing the User's Manual and drivers for Windows 98, 2000, XP is included with the adapter.

 Our products are covered with a one year warranty.

Product ANC-6222  Comment
Power Source USB v1.1 Powered by USB port
Interface Converts from/to USB v1.1
to RS-422  
2 sets 
of wire terminals 
RS-422 Connector 4-pin terminal block 1 each Tx+,Tx-,Rc+,Rc-
Dimensions 0.8" x 1.4" x 2.5" H x W x D

Control Signals none - software controlled
Baud Rate to 250 Kbaud
voltage 5V @150ma minimum

Note: see the 'Specifications' of ANC-6222 User's Manual for additional technical information

Updated May 04, 2009
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